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! The operation is made automatically 24/7 and  takes minutes after payment!                                                                                                                                                                        

!!! NEVER pay an order with two payments, otherwise the system cannot recognize and accept  it.  Also, it is prohibited to pay an order with the minimum amount 5,000 rubles otherwise the order will be canceled, and the paid funds will not return!

! If your QIWI wallet has limits for withdrawal not more 15,000 rubles at once, just create 2 orders for the desired sums.

! Be sure to check the order number in the comments to the transfer. Otherwise your system will not recognize the payment.

! Before entering the bitcoin wallet address, please check it for mistakes.

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min.: 5000 RUB, max.: 200000 RUB
max.: 200000 RUB

Номер вашего кошелька
Например: 79011234567

max.: 6.271277 BTC

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Exchange QIWI (RUB) to Bitcoin (BTC)

To make an exchange, you should complete several steps:

1. Fill in all fields of the submitted form. Click “Exchange”.

2. Read the terms of the Agreement for Provision of Exchange Services; if you accept them, put a tick in the appropriate field and click “Create an Order”.

3. Pay an order. Follow the instructions on our website to transfer the required amount.

4. On completion of specified actions, the system will move you to the “Order Status” page, where the status of your transfer is displayed.


 The exchange rate is fixed, in order if the Customer pays it within 30 minutes after creation. If payment is not received within 30 minutes, the order is automatically canceled, and to recover the order, the Customer should contact the website technical support. In this case, the amount of payment on the order may be recalculated.

! If the Customer has paid the order, but due to circumstances wants to refuse of the exchange, the refund is minus 3% of the payment amount + commission of the payment system network and exchange rate difference (if exchange rate has changed by more than 3%).

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